Texture, femininity, and luxury- the key pillars that the newest collection for Audrey Bea stands on. From the beginning the idea was to create wedding gowns that transport the wearer into a place where time does not exist and that are a piece of luxury in every aspect. It was also important that each gown was created with microscopic attention to every detail to where the gown tells a story of timelessness and incandescent beauty. 

The inspiration for this collection flowed effortlessly, gathering vision and artistry ideas from old world Europe, gowns from eras long gone, and the people that lived through both, creating not just a product but a feeling and experience of elevation and elegance. 

After the gowns were designed and made, the styling of the pieces was very key in creating the campaign shoot that was able to portray the feeling and mood for the collection; being able to build on what the gowns represent and feel like while also bringing in accessories and other photo shoot details. Enter in Laura: the photographer and stylist behind the collection release. Laura brought in the vision for the final details of the shoot and accessorizing the gowns for an added layer of lush timelessness and in bringing the story of the gowns and a wedding event to life.

Day of:

On campaign shooting day at Swannanoa Mansion in Virginia, the team gathered to create the vision that was months in the making. Exploring each room of the mansion brings a different mood and yet, there is a cohesiveness of the location that reminds one that there was life, occasions, and time before you were there; it’s a place of storytelling and romantic details. 

What makes this location work for the newest gown collection is the comparison of opposites: the modern luxury of a new gown surrounded by walls that have stood for over 100 years. It is these two different qualities that showcase the delicate intricacies of the gown while taking the viewer on a trip through time. One can only imagine the story lines that the mansion has held, the different lives that have walked through the doors, and what events have unfolded on the grounds. 

It is the artistry, mystery, and antique elegance of the mansion that really began to give more detail and character to each gown’s unique story. Each piece was thoughtfully modeled in separate parts of the mansion to create the story and give context to the collection and to highlight the individual details of each piece utilizing the mood, lighting, colors, tone, and texture of the room visited. From marble staircases to marigold papered rooms, there is no place that could have better captured and held the elegance and luxury of the newest collection for AUDREY BEA.

This shoot was brought together and made possible by multiple creatives in the top of their fields: 

Gowns, Veils, Bridal Socks: Audrey Bea | Photographer & Creative Director: Laura Gordon | Cinematographer: Yeattes Productions | Custom Headpieces: Liv Hart | Hair & Makeup: Anna Breeding | Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes | Model: Dayna Frazer

Thank you for helping me tell the story